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Tea time is on friday

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To us at 3We in Bruchsal, international business is just as important as regional business. With that being the case, it is important to be fluent in one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, English.

That is the reason we decided to introduce the „English-speaking Friday“. Originating from our Web Department the fever of speaking English spread like a wildfire. Soon enough everyone knew, that if you want to talk to someone from the Web Department on a Friday, you would have to do it in English. While many co-workers seemed to enjoy and appreciate the concept of deepening our language skills by simply applying them in real-life working scenarios, others seemed to be opposed to the idea at first. But apparently speaking English is just too contagious.

For some time now, speaking English on a Friday has become quite the routine in our company. We already have started to notice the positive effects of it: rising confidence in our English skills, as well as deepening our vocabulary and grammatical understanding. It really helps us a lot to improve our language skills even more.

Since the technology region of Karlsruhe is in close vicinity to the French border, we are currently contemplating introducing the “French Monday”.

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